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The Hudson Valley is in Demand direct from the Real Estate section of the NY Times

Our hot market brings prosperity, pain, and bidding wars as the supply dwindles its says. Seeing a year full of crazy real estate any agent can attest to this statement. Many buyers from the CITY come with cash, dreams, requirements and family. Also questions, what ifs, demands and attitude. Here in Columbia County we have had the second home buyer for as long as Irving Price established his office on Warren Street years and years ago. They bought that cute weekend house employed carpenters, landscapers, painters and electricians. Now they are really glad they did. The perfect hideout from Covid. Locals are glad they came.

They made Columbia County better and today’s buyers are making it a destination. As soon as a property is available it is being shown. If priced right it is gone in a day or two. Probably more than the asking price. Are you gong to commit to urban living? Come prepared with proof of funds or a full underwriters approval. Listen and trust your realtor. Be prepared to be helped by a local lawyer, banker and lender.

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