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Sprucing up for 2023 Sale

According to Pottery Barn the new trends for sprucing up your house for 2023 are easy and not costly.

  1. Neutral pillows. For the Bed and the sofa. calm, cool, and collective.
  2. Lanterns. Inside and out. Not Paul Revere like but types to insert candles. On the coffee table or kitchen island.
  3. Baskets. Scattered around, under beds, in the laundry or kitchen. Neutral or dark they update country to cool and organized.
  4. Rustic Accents. Not dust collectors but statements. Birdhouses, wheels, sleighs, mirrors, or pottery are just a few.
  5. Candles. Usually a favorite for Christmas holidays, but people love the smell and the look. Pillars or jars. Make the look your own.

Use these suggestions if your thinking of selling your home. Make it inviting so Buyers see themselves living there.


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