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Covid Confusion

Most homeowners are a little confused by the whole pandemics impact on local RealEstate, and buyers very likely feel stuck  in their homes or at a minimum reluctant to move somewhere new. 

The market is really very challenging. There virtually is no inventory. We have many Buyers both locally and from down state and the mortgage rates are historically low. Because of these points Buyers have a rare opportunity to move up in the housing market. Advise: Take the opportunity and strike while the iron is hot. Columbia County is halfway to everything. Camelot, paradise, or novena, take your choice. All buyers and sellers need confidence in the housing market right now to make that move. They will need confidence in your Broker, Agent, Lender, Mortgage Coordinator and your Real Estate Lawyer. ValKin Properties can direct you on all fronts. Bill, Sarah, Nancy, Dana and Chuck are here for you.  Search See Stay.

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