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Would you believe its 2023 and Real Estate is a tornado. A complete…

Would you believe its 2023 and Real Estate is a tornado. A complete whirlwind hoping to find a country homes and flatten dreams. Call the emergency services. The next few months will be a learning curve for buyers, sellers and agents. The house hunting goes digital.

A click of the button and we are able to see all the information we need. We become knowitalls in a flash. A trend seems to be moving from cities to the suburbs, a movement started in the early stages of COVID. Also moving to the Sunbelt has gained popularity dispite flooding, tornados, and lower temperatures. The inventory is still low and the single house demand has added to that shortage. So the prices continue to rise as hopefully the mortgage rates continue to drop. Find yourself an agent you can trust with your needs in mind.

Someone who grew up in this farming county who has your back. Someone who checks the inventory with you in mind daily. Someone who knows a real estate lawyer, a home inspector, and where to buy a good gallon of cider. We are friends and neighbors helping friends and neighbors to find their dreams. Give us a call 518-229-9106. Ask for Bill, Nancy, Sarah, Dana or Chuck, we are your friends and neighbors.

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