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The 138 home sales in the Columbia and Greene markets during August represent a decrease of nearly 30% compared to last August, marking the second month of sales declines compared to last year, according to the report released by the Columbia Greene Board of Realtors. The median sales price decreased by 10.7 percent compared to last August. Year to date closed sales and median prices remain ahead of 2020. 

But on the other hand statistics look impressive on paper unless you just found a house you love and decide to go look at it. It’s the right school, location, near shopping, and farmers market. You make an appointment with your Buyers Agent and find out you are one of 40 to look at it this weekend. There is no downstairs bedroom so older lookers may not find it appealing. A pool is only a plus if your looking for one. So that may eliminate some other lookers. You love the 4 acres it sits on and someone in your family loves to mow the grass. Lets hope that a couple of lookers have allergies and mowing 4 acres is not in the landscaping budget. So maybe you are down to 10.  Five need a mortgage and 5 have cash. Sometimes its not about the amount you are offering but the terms that the sellers finds appealing. a closing date could be 45 days from the offer or  120 days allowing the seller to close on their new house, pack and move across the country. if your really daring skip the inspections, radon and water tests. (not advised)  Buy the furniture, the snow blower and the garden equipment. All of this puts you in good graces with the Seller. But when it comes down to the end. Three or four offers after a best and final scenario and it’s the luck of the draw and the honesty of the Sellers agent. Well you came in third place. You played the Real Estate game and didn’t get your dream house. I’m sorry, you have to wait because inventory is at a low point and the Amtrak arrival is at 12:30 with another group of lookers who read the TIMES that says that Columbia County is the place to work, raise a family, hike, eat, shop and enjoy the weekend. Keep looking you will be glad you did.The famers market is opened from 8-1 pm.

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