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A school district is important for many buyers looking to purchase…

A school district is important for many buyers looking to purchase  a new home. Columbia County is very lucky to have several top notch schools. Here is a preview of several of those schools.

Ichabod Crane A-, 1,794 students, average SAT scores of 1220. The girls softball team under the guidance of Tracy Nytransky won Class B sectionals for the 5th time. With a superior pitcher and Emma Schneitger swinging the bat, the girls were hopeful to win the title from the beginning of the season.

Chatham B+,1039 students, average SAT score is 1210. The PreK screening will be held July 20-22. This event was created to identify children with deficits in school readiness. You must live in the Chatham district and turn 4 on or before December 1, 2021.

Contact Kimberly at 518-392-2255 ex 300.

Tachonic Hills students are introduced to real world manufacturing and milling on a computer numerical control machine, after they learn its software. The machine can cut anything from plastic, wood, foam, or metal. Many students who are thinking of pursing careers in construction or manufacturing will have a real world experience. 1315 students C- overall niche grade.

Germantown Central School District is a public school with 540 students in grades PK,K -12 with a student – teacher ration of 10  to 1. According to state test scores, 54% of students are a least proficient in math and and 51% in reading. there are 10 homes for sale in the district from $210k to $929 in price.

We also enjoy the fruits of wonderful teachers and districts from Hudson City School District, New Lebanon, and Hawthorne Valley. Also a quick commute to East Greenbush for Holy Spirit School, and LaSalle, Also Albany Academy, CBA, Emma Willard.

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