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How Not to Buy a House

Don’t bother talking to your Bank or Mortgage Lender to get your PreQual Letter. It’s just a waste of your time and of course you know better than anyone about your finances.

Use all your cash for the downpayment and forget about closing cost. Be surprised at closing because you don’t know what closing cost are. They included things like lender fees, title insurance, upfront local taxes, and homeowners insurance, lawyers fee, appraisal fees and many NYS fees.

You should plan on 2%-5% estimate of your accepted offer or not.

Ignore the radon, septic, water and structural inspection. After all the seller said it was all done before putting the house on the market, so why bother!

If you like surprises that’s fine, but if you find out the radon is above 4% the well has poor water quality and what you thought was your 4 acres really is’nt then you probably will decide after talking to your lawyer you won’t be buying the house. Make it simple get an inspection.

Be busy. Don’t answer emails, txts, or phone calls. Push aside DocuSign requests. Forget to ask for help in finding representation or call a home inspector. You need to be present in the process. Submitting an offer and then leaving with the family to Aruba is not good timing. Inventory is at an all time low and even though the intrest rate went up a point there are many many people looking for homes from California, Brooklyn, New Jersey and the Capital District.

Be prepared. The best people in my industry are allies of their clients. Listen to a REALTOR. You can’t  be a little bit thinking about buying a house. Come with your guns to the shoot out or be prepared for Dry Gultch.

I don’t believe in  pressuring clients. I give the pros and cons. I don’t make decisions for my clients. Transparency, knowledge and helpful communication is what I offer to all who are looking to buy a home.

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