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Everyone needs a home, a house, a dwelling, but today that meaning…

Everyone needs a home, a house, a dwelling, but today that meaning has changed to most everyone. In the mist of this pandemic, maybe near the end of it, or in the middle of it or maybe just in the very beginning waiting for the second wave our homes mean so much more to us now. Being in quarantine we have spent much more time at home than we ever did. Working at home in our pajamas we look at where we live differently. There will be house sales and there will be listings soon, maybe not as many but there are transfers that will occur, death will mean an estate sale, caring for the elderly will mean a good deal. Then there is the young couple getting married and starting a new future together. The downstate family will move to be safe. In addition there will be foreclosures, bankruptcies, and bank owned properties purchased by the flipper, entrepreneur, and average Joe.

So here are a couple of things to think about when your coffee cup is half full, the wash is done and the grass has been cut and listing your house thoughts start to show up more than once a day in a supper conversation.

1. To get out of the house we landscape, fertilize, and plant. Durable plants should be considered, colorful and not much watering to enhance our curb appeal, just in case. Trim, get rid of the weeds, leaves and branches.
2. Stone patio to be enjoyed by the family members. Not to big, not to small just right. Flag stone, blue stone or brick. Make it a family thing, Outside together.
3. The kitchen is and always has been our favorite restaurant. Lots of space to bake and marinate. Deep sinks with swinging faucets, double ovens and cookbook storage. A pantry with lots of shelfs and a place to hide our stuff. A desktop counter to hook up our computers so we don’t miss anything.
4. We open our own Gym. extra space in the basement, garage, spare room, now holds our Peloton, barbells, stair master and or yoga mats. Finding ourselves near the bike path becomes a reason to use it. Either running next to your daughters three wheeler, using the baby blue Huffy in the basement or that slick professional 10 gear thigh builder is a reason to exercise
5. The pool. we always wanted one but now we can’t even have the neighborhood over. Who wants to swim with a mask on? A lap pool. Thats it! Good for one and excellent cardiac improvement. Beautiful blue water and the hum of the chlorinator. Half the size in the back yard and an alternative to vacation.
6. The Ring. We have triple the deliveries now and the pirates are following the delivery men right up to the front door. Set it up, it may pass as an electronic elective.
7. The Theatre. Old time movies in black and white, binge with the Sopranos and Friday night date night. BOES speakers, leather recliners, small fridge and popcorn. What fun! who cares if we have to stay home. Can we hook up to a computer and homeschooling videos are on a wide screen now?
8. Neighbors. They don’t seem so bad now. I’ll look out for you and you look out for me. Food delivered on the porch when there are extras made. Make sure I have your contact numbers, just incase. If you need help don’t be afraid to ask.
9. Sidewalks to take a walk. I’ve waved to villagers I haven’t seen in ages. So good to smell the fresh air even if we have to stay 6 feet apart.
10. Dry storage has become so important as we horde our paper products and canned goods. Upstairs, downstairs, in the garage, we will give up space so we don’t run out.

It will probably never be the same, maybe it will be better, but there will always be real estate and Realtors. We will always be here to help Buyers and Sellers

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